Thursday, May 27, 2010

6th Grade Graduation

The last elementary school event ever!! It was a nice program, but of course it went over time. But, it I was happy to be there to watch my little Liam graduate from elementary school.

Good thing they had some brownies afterward. Gavin's craziness during the program needed to be rewarded. It's so sad for me to leave Cascade. I'm standing here in the same lunchroom that I ate in when I was in elementary school. It's sad to think it's the last time I'll go in. We are in a new school boundary now so Gavin will go to the new school. We couldn't make Liam switch schools and leave his friends. I'm glad he has had such a good school and such great teachers.

Dance Festival 2010

Liam and his friend Carsen doing the hoedown.

I can't believe it's his last dance festival! He did a great job, even though he doesn't love the dancing. Just give him a few years I guess.

Liam's a DEACON!

We are so excited to that Liam is 12 and is now a Deacon! He's such a good kid and we are really proud of him. Jim was able to ordain him the day after his birthday. So many of our family members were able to come and support him. It was a very nice day.

Looking good, but missing the ties. But of course that's the first thing you need to do when you walk in from church, right?

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Rick. Looks like even more time has passed allowing them to get out of those Sunday clothes!

Liam was really happy that his grandma was able to fly in from Kentucky. She's been very supportive of Liam and we were so glad she could be here.

And of course there's the food!! I'm pretty sure Stephen was the first one out of his church clothes, or maybe it was Melissa. All I know is that it was so crazy getting things ready to eat that I think I was the last one to get into the comfy clothes. As you can see, comfort is important to me. At least Roxanne's delicious salad was still there when I finally got to eat!
Thanks to all that came, brought food, and gave their support. We have a GREAT family!

Soccer or No Soccer??

I'll start by saying, YES I know the picture is blurry. I have a love hate relationship with my camera. I can't work it on many occasions.

So, Liam played on a competition soccer team this year. The first half - hmmmm - ranked almost at the bottom of the league. The second half - moved up to about the middle. But, it was a much harder situation than he was used to. More practices and much more demanding practices. A coach that loved to YELL and usually at the ref (sometime even using some choice words and getting called out). It was great having the ref against us. Anyway, after this season he's thinking that's it for soccer. He's pretty fast and is thinking about moving to track since he'll be in jr. high next year. I have to say I'm feeling a little depressed about that. I love to go and watch his games!! Maybe track will be fun to watch too. But, I only have one season to sit out before Gavin gets to start soccer! He's ready to go! Who knew I'd love being an actual soccer mom??

Catching Up....

OK, I have been horrible about blogging. I'm going to blame Facebook for it. I hear everything and tell everything on FB so I forget about blogs. I forget to post and I forget to read them. The bad thing is that my son's teacher has a blog with daily homework that we all could have really benefited from reading every day!! So, here's a quick catch up on the last couple of months.

This was our first Easter in our new home. We did the same old traditions as usual - egg hunt, baskets, toys. But this year was nice because General Conference was on Easter so we didn't have to get up and dressed so quickly!!

Gavin got some things to use in his new sandbox! Too bad it took such a long time before he could use them.

Liam and his Nerf gun!!

And of course, the SNOW!!

Andrea's BABY!!

Was are so excited to have a new little cousin in the family!! My sister Andrea had her baby in April, 9 days early I think! He's such a cute and VERY good boy. Luckily I get to babysit sometimes. Gavin just LOVES him! When he was born Gavin went around the house and found things for baby Trey. He talks about him and is always so excited to see him.