Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Events of 2009

Jim and Liam started their day with the 5K Freedom Run in Provo. They did a great job. Maybe next year I'll be up to pushing a jogging stroller, but not this year. My sisters, Melissa & Andrea, did the 10 K. I stayed home to bring Gavin and Trevan to the parade.

We all went to the 4th of July parade in Provo. Things didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped. We reserved a spot the night before and Melissa and Andrea dropped off chairs are 6:30 that morning before their race. By the time Jim and Liam had finished the race and got there someone had moved our stuff! The people weren't there so Jim and Liam moved their stuff and put ours back. They felt dumb and gave me a Diet Coke so all it forgiven. Gavin did NOT love the sirens, but warmed up to the parade after a while. And, it rained on us (good thing we had a tarp to put over our heads) and then the sun came out and baked us.

After the parade we got ready and headed out to the Tea Party in Orem. We missed the main speaker (Mark Shurtleff), but heard some great messages. It was a great thing to do on Independence Day. We take a lot for granted and some people just sit by as our freedoms are being taken. It reminded us of our responsibilities to keep this country free.

After nap time we headed up to Hobble Creek Canyon to have a picnic with our families. Jim's family was very nice and invited my family up to eat. It was a beautiful SHADED spot. We ate a lot and enjoyed the afternoon. The kids played games and we tried really hard to keep Gavin occupied and within view. He's a little difficult.

We ended our day by attending "Cul De Sac of Fire". Some of our neighbors drive up to Wyoming and get the "good" fireworks and put on a great show in the street between our houses. They play patriotic music and passed out cupcakes. It was great. Plus, it turned out that some of their guests that sat on our lawn were very good friends of mine that I hadn't seen in YEARS. I grew up with them and spent a lot of my childhood at their house. It was a nice night. Gavin even survived the noisy fireworks, although I had to keep his ears covered the whole time. What a fun day!