Friday, October 30, 2009

Liam's Last Elementary School Halloween Parade and Party

Liam is in 6th grade so this is his last elementary school
Halloween class party and parade.

Liam dressed up like a crazy snake and spider person (or something like that - it's hard to get him into a costume at all).

I was able to go and help run games at his class party. He got to try to eat a donut off of a string. Very funny to watch.

My aunt Peggy was even in the parade!

Gavin and I had a long, long wait for the parade to start. I tell myself every year not to go on time because it always takes forever. Well, I didn't want to chance it so we waited for about 30 minutes before Liam came through. Oh well, it's good exercise chasing him around.

This is Liam's class walking through for the parade.

Liam's attempt at the donut.

Our Ward Halloween Party 2009

Liam preparing to enter the church Spook Alley!! I'm sure it was very scary. The young men got to run this activity. Liam hopes our new ward will do this too so that he can help run it next year.

Liam with his friends at the party.

Gavin had fun checking out the pumpkins. Most of the games were too hard for him to play. He did have fun playing the fishing pole game though.

This is the first time we could get Gavin to put on his costume. Neither of my kids like to dress up. It's a nightmare to force them. Gavin finally gave in once we got to the party. We'll see how trick or treating goes. I'm guessing that he'll do it to get the candy.

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Thanks again to Melissa and Ryan for another fun Pumpkin Patch/Trevan's birthday event!

Jim and Gavin shooting the corn gun. That thing is loud and shoots really far!

Trying out the little maze before entering the real one.

Taking a ride on the awesome tractor train.

More train fun.

Here are a couple of animals.

And here are some real animals. Gavin had fun going in to pet them.

Little farmer Gavin.

Checking out the rabbits.

It was really fun, but pretty cold. I love October!!

Our Tree/Fall Leaves

We have a beautiful tree in our yard. I love it, until it's time to lose the leaves anyway. And, let me say that trying to rake leaves with a 2 year old around is pointless. I would rake and he would run through the pile and destroy it. I'm glad he had fun, but we had to figure out how to get the leaves cleaned up without his help.

Hospital Complaints

So, I went in for surgery on Sept 29th. I admit that I was not a great patient when I got there, but I am amazed at the stupidity of some nurses. I just have to complain.

#1 If a patient is freaked out that they are going to feel their surgery or wake up but be unable to tell anyone they are awake (I know, irrational fear on my part) DO NOT reinforce it by telling them that it happens. Don't tell them that you have had c-sections that you could feel. All this does is freak them out even more.

#2 Don't go with the first vein you find. I have TWO fabulous veins that nobody has ever missed, until this event. It's like they don't even try to be careful.

#3 Too many patients, too few nurses. I realize there is a nursing shortage, but seriously - when you have to ask 3 people to ask your nurse for your meds and they finally show up 3 or 4 hours later it's ridiculous. And I have to add that the person that ended up pulling through for me was the cleaning lady!!

I picked this hospital because they are the best in the area. But, even though it wasn't that busy I felt like some nurses were just over worked. It sucked. I did have one male PCT that usually didn't even work on that floor that was wonderful! He was checking on my constantly. I should have written a little note about him to pin on the "star" board in their hall.