Friday, February 29, 2008

Gavin in the hospital

Our poor Gavin became sick very suddenly on Monday night. He couldn't hold anything down and by the next morning was very pale and lethargic. We made an appointment and took him to the pediatrician at 2:00 on Tuesday. Dr. Later walked in and said "we're going to the hospital" before he even asked us a single question. He could just tell that he was very dehydrated. His nurse walked us over (the office is attached to the Provo hospital) and he was admitted. They gave him an IV, but it took 4 tries to get it because he was so dehydrated.

They expected him to feel better within 4 or 5 hours and planned to keep him overnight to make sure. But, he ended up getting a high fever. They ran several tests, but could never figure out what it was. Every test came back negative.

He did a lot of sleeping. Unfortunately for me, the pull out bed was not so comfy. He also did a lot of crying when a nurse would come in. He had them poking him so much that he just knew something bad was going to happen when they came in.

By Wednesday evening his fever had broken and he started feeling a little better. On Thursday morning he would finally eat and drink, even though it wasn't much. But, he was hydrated, eating, and the fever was gone so they let us take him home. He's still sick, but we hope he'll be completely better soon.

Gavin's 1st Birthday Party

Here a the cake shots from his party. We had both sides of the family over that night for dinner and cake. It was a great, but crowded, time.

Gavin is ONE!

Jackie took a few pictures for his birthday, but it's VERY hard to get a one year old to hold still for pictures. He kept standing up and running away.

Silly Faces

Gavin has plenty of slobber left.

Superbaby loves to cook. This is his favorite utensil.

Here's a big kiss.

Finally he's going to take a break. Gavin is very entertaining!

Christmas 2007

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. I thought I'd put a couple of pictures on the site.

Christmas Concert

Liam and I went with my family to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert on Dec. 13th. It was wonderful as always.