Friday, November 28, 2008

Liam's Arrow of Light

Liam earned his Arrow of Light on November 18th, along with 2 other boys in his Webelos den.

We are very proud of Liam for how hard he works at scouts. He is doing a great job.

Thanksgiving 2008

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to my Grandma Prestwich's as usual this year. We are too big to fit in her house, so we headed over to the church. Most of the family was there, but we missed those of you that weren't. Poor Jim had to chase Gavin most of the time, that kid just won't stop and he's getting way to fast. The kids played games after dinner, some played basketball, and the rest of us talked. Then we all headed home to look at the ads to see where we would be going first thing on Friday morning (for me it was Toys R Us - one of the worst lines of course).

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Best Weekend!!

Last weekend was the best weekend!! On Friday afternoon I went with Melissa, Andrea, Jackie, Sue, and Heidi to see Twilight. I tried to keep my expectations low so I wouldn't be disappointed. The movie was much better than I expected. Sure there were a few cheesy parts here and there, but overall it was a great movie. I can't wait to see it again. Now if I could just get Jim to go with me....

Then on Saturday night I got to see one of my favorite bands!! Now, I have been to more concerts in my life than I can count (or dare to admit) and Coldplay is one of the best live shows ever. I went with my sister Andrea and we were up in the cheap seats (that really weren't very cheap). We got tickets back in May, I think, and have been waiting and waiting. We saw them once before at Saltair, but this show was better. Good thing the people directly in front and behind us also want to stand and scream and dance and freak out so we didn't get any dirty looks. There were some lame people that just sat there the whole time though. Who does that?? Anyway, here is a clip from the actual show we went to. I decided to post Fix You because it's my favorite Coldplay song of all.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Muse - Twilight Soundtrack


OK, I decided it was more appropriate to have a Muse song on my blog to represent Twilight. Muse is an excellent band! I am so looking forward to the movie this weekend and I'm so happy that Stephenie Meyer has such excellent taste in music. Have you checked out the playlists for each of the books?? If you haven't, you should. They are listed on her official website.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Liam was Darth Vader for Halloween this year. The only problem is that we couldn't find the light saber when it was time to trick or treat.

My dad, Andrea (with Tonka), and Jackie (she wasn't there yet when I took the picture) came over to see the kids before trick or treating. My dad brought me a delicious homemade cookie from work. It was very nice.

Liam went trick or treating in our old neighborhood as usual. Here he is with Ben and Joey. A few other friends joined them after the picture. They had a great time and hit 2 neighborhoods, one of which has a spook ally for them to go through.

This is Gavin's first trick or treat door ever! So cute. They gave him a handful of dum dum suckers, which he loves. Do you like his trick or treat box? We realized at the last minute we couldn't find the pumpkin one. I wasn't very prepared yesterday.

Jim did a good job of keeping up with Gavin. My legs were sore from this dumb class at the gym and I couldn't chase him. We only trick or treated our cul de sac. Gavin had fun though. We had a good Halloween.

And it's always a good Halloween when nobody smashes your pumpkins.