Monday, January 28, 2013

Nestle 5K

We love the Nestle 5K in Springville.  They have good prizes, not that we've ever won anything.  I was pregnant and couldn't run this one.  Hopefully I will be in shape so that I can do it next year.  I'll be pushing a jogging stroller so I'll be lucky if I finish it.

Liam's actually really fast.  I hope he will do cross country!

Grabbing a snack at the end

Waiting for prizes

Someone wants to be on Zoolander ;)

First 5K!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

End of Preschool

Gavin and Mrs. Young at the preschool

Leaving on the last day of school

Graduation at Orem High Seminary

Gavin and his friend Jackson

Cutest Mother's Day Gift!

Gavin made me the sweetest Mother's Day gift at preschool this year.  
I love it!


This summer Liam helped my grandma with her irrigation.  While he worked, Gavin played.  I used to love playing in the irrigation water when I was young.  I'm so glad that my kids get to do it too.

Preschool and Firetrucks

Gavin's preschool teacher has the fire dept come and teach about safety, then they get to check out the trucks!

Checking out the firetruck

Steele, Gavin, and Andie

Liam is 14 and Becomes a Teacher

Happy Birthday!  Strawberry Shortcake, yummy!

Liam and Grandpa Rick

Jim, his dad, and my dad helped to ordain Liam as a teacher.

I'm pregnant here and not feeling great, but had to have a family shot.

Tracy Aviary

We went with my sister Andrea and her little boy to Tracy Aviary.  It is on the Pass of All Passes this year, but only on Mondays.  We found a day and went up.  It was fun.  They had a bird show, but the little boys lost interest quickly.

Easter 2012

Sweet little Gavin

Liam will not pose for me, so I told him I'd use the one of his silly poses.  Here you go Liam.

Liam Runs Track

Liam decided to run track at the end of his 8th grade year.  He did pretty well, but he didn't love it.
I thought he should try cross country, but I didn't have any luck convincing him.  Maybe next year.

Gavin turns 5

Yep, this is super old.  I update my blog mostly for my own record.  I like to look back and see what happened.  So here we go on catching up the year. 

Gavin and cousins, opening gifts.

New robot that makes a lot of noise, thanks Melissa.

Robot cake, I'm so not a cake maker!

Blog Neglect

Last year I was pregnant, sick, tired, had a baby, was super busy, and had little sleep.  So of course I had zero time or energy to blog.  Now I regret it because I have really no record of what happened last year and I get to rely on my memory.  I'm still tired and getting little sleep and super busy so we'll see how this year of blogging goes.