Sunday, June 29, 2008

8 Little Quirks!

Thanks a lot Andrea for tagging me and making me do it.

1. I have a serious problem when it comes to lines. I cannot stand it when a line is not formed properly because I don’t trust that the store clerk will know who was next and there are always lame people that go ahead of others because they think they are better!!!

2. If there is a light on that nobody is using I have to turn it off. The light that is over the stairs to the basement is always left on and it drives me crazy. TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU GET TO THE BOTTOM. And, if it’s light outside and you can see, don’t turn it on at all.

3. When there is any kind of event, I have to check to see what everyone is wearing because I’m paranoid of matching their outfit.

4. I check my keys several times before I’ll close the house or car door. Even if I pay close attention and watch myself put them in my purse, I check again.

5. I cannot make myself pay full price for clothes - mine or the kid’s. It could by $110 marked down to $20 and I’ll buy it, but if it’s regularly $20 I won’t buy it because I want to wait until it’s on sale.

6. I have store checkout anxiety. I stress over which line will be fastest, even if I’m not in a hurry. I pay attention to who I would have been behind in the other lines to see if I picked the best line. I guess that kind of goes with #1.

7. When we go out to eat I watch the parking lot to see if others are heading in too. I hurry really fast so that I can get there before them so I don’t have to wait as long. Maybe that kind of goes with #1 & #6.

8. When I’m eating with more than just myself I have to have some kind of background noise. If I can hear people chewing or their teeth hitting together I can’t stand it. I almost have to leave the table and come back when they are done.

I guess I'll tag Suzanne.