Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Trek at Martin's Cove 2010

Liam had the opportunity to go to Martin's Cove with the youth in our Stake this summer. Most of the pictures have Liam hiding somewhere in them, but I had to look through literally thousands (like 4000) pictures to find him. I got a call when they were headed home to warn me that he might be upset because the last night was particularly hard. But, when he got off the bus he had a big smile and said that he had a good experience. Maybe not a FUN experience, but a good one. He came home missing a lot of stuff and wearing his PJ pants because that's all he had, but it was worth it.
They went the 2nd week of June which was good and bad.
  1. Liam got the cast on his arm THE DAY BEFORE he left. And it wasn't water-proof.
  2. It was not warm.
  4. The wind BLEW, BLEW, BLEW (85 mph winds)
  5. The tents were flattened and everything was soaked the first night.
  1. The kids got a more realistic look at what the pioneers really went through!!
  2. They experienced something hard, pulled together, and made it.
  3. They learned to have a positive attitude.
  4. They came home grateful for home, hopefully it lasts a while.

I can't begin to imagine what the actual pioneers went through. The kids in our ward have shared stories that they learned while on trek and even the teen boys were in tears.

What strong people the poineers were. It makes me grateful for the trials that I have today. I'm not sure I could have done that with my little family.

I'm so thankful Liam had this opportunity. Maybe one day our whole family will get to go.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I totally stole this picture from Andrea's blog, sorry! Liam and Stephen aren't pictured, but I have to point out that they came with us.

But I LOVED Eclipse, and my Eclipse treat holders!! This book was by far my favorite in the Twilight Saga. In fact, I skimmed the book (thoroughly reading my favorite parts) before seeing the movie. Because I read the last 150 pgs the day of the show I realized that the movie really did follow the book. I was very happy about that. Even a lot the dialogue was right from the book.

Here is my frustration, and please don't think that I'm a giant pediphile. Movie Jacob is so good looking that it really ruins the story for me. In the book I loved Edward so, so much and was angry when Bella kissed him or would go to see him. But in the movie I'm thinking Edward is so....not Jacob that I keep finding myself leaning a little more Team Jacob than I should.

Now, who wants to go see it again??