Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gavin in the hospital

We had a lot of fun at Seven Peaks this year. We went usually twice a week and had few problems. Until the last time we went that is....
Gavin and I decided to try Cave-In! He got out of the pool and started to run to go again. I was a little slower getting out of the pool and didn't catch him before he ran right into the handrail leading out of the pool. He cried really hard, but I thought he recovered OK. He and his cousin played in the kid pool for a while. Then he threw up (not in the pool), so we went home. I didn't think much of that either because he does that for no reason sometimes. Then as the day progressed he kept getting sicker and sicker. He was laying around and looking so pale. I took him into the doctor, where Jim joined us.
They were really worried so they sent us over to get a CT scan. Luckily they didn't find anything really bad, but were still worried enough about his behavior that they decided to admit him into the hospital for observation.
He was very dehydrated so he had to have on IV. He was doing much better the next morning once he was rehydrated!! Liam and Jim brought him a doughnut, the first thing he had eaten in almost a day.

He went to the pediatric playroom to see if he was acting "normal" and he was. And no, they don't allow contagious kids in there.

Liam was good to come and visit, but got a little bored after a while.

Gavin was finally released and got to ride to the car in a wagon.

I forgot to take a bruise picture sooner, but this was a few days later. All he has left is a big ugly bruise. When he saw it in the mirror he was a little bugged by it. Funny kid.

Summer Slip N Slide

We didn't take any trips this summer so the kids got to find things to do around the house. We did spend a lot of time at Seven Peaks again, but you don't want to go there every single day.

Gavin has decided he loves guns and Liam is happy to spray him with one.

Liam's friend, Ben, spent a lot of time at our house this summer. It was nice to see them doing something other than playing video games or watching TV.

Gavin had fun until he really slipped and it freaked him out. It's sad to see summer ending.