Monday, April 28, 2008

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Liam's 10th Birthday!

Liam turned 10 on April 24th. He was able to celebrate several times. First, he had a party on the 19th while visiting his grandparents in Kentucky during spring break.

Then, Liam had his friend party at Trafalga after school on his birthday.

When we got to Trafalga it was SNOWING, but I thought "no problem, there's an indoor course". Well, the indoor course was closed for remodeling. Luckily, while we were waiting for the kids it cleared up and they were able to play outside. It was even fairly warm. The only problem was that several of the holes were full of water (as you can see behind Liam). The boys loved it though and had a good time golfing through the water.

After his friend party my family came over for dinner and cake. Liam loaded up on the presents and money!

Here are a few family pictures from his birthday. I can't believe he is ten, that must make me...25, right?

On Saturday Jim's family came over to have dinner and celebrate Liam's birthday. Our house just doesn't seem to hold both of our families comfortably. So, this was a week long event for him.