Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cascade Dance Festival 2008

Today is Liam's last full day of school (he has to go tomorrow for 1 1/2 hrs.). So, it was the DANCE FESTIVAL. I was excited because this was the 1st year that I was able to go, I've always had to work. Gavin and I found a seat right behind him.

They needed cool sunglasses for their dances. They did YMCA and a techno type cha cha that was pretty good. Liam even danced well instead of trying to do the minimum on movements. Luckily he was right in front for my video camera.

Gavin tried to enjoy his time outside, but we had to keep him in the shade. He tried very hard to be out of his stroller so it was a bit of a fight.

It was a little long for babies and he needed to cuddle up to his favorite sleeping blankie.