Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BYU Triple Crown 2008

Liam participated in the BYU Triple Crown (race for elementary schools) on Sept. 24th and his 5th grade team took first place. There were probably 35 or so kids in his race. Liam came in 12th overall. He ran the mile in 7 min. 18 sec. When he ran at school he came in 3rd in the school and ran it in 6:44. The BYU track had a few small hills so all the kids were a bit slower. I'm hoping that he will keep running. I was so worried since this was Liam's first official race, but he did very well.

I was talking to another mom and we realized that if our kids keep doing track there will always be one kid their age that will beat them. There was a kid that ran it in 6 mins. flat. I couldn't believe it. He was WAY ahead.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Self Feeding - Blah!

I know that kids need to learn to self-feed, but I wonder if there is a way to put it off until they are more coordinated. Gavin absolutely will NOT allow anyone to feed him anymore. He wants the spoon, or fork if he can get it. Once in a while I can sneak a spoonful in if he's busy with his own spoon. It just such a mess. To make things worse, he will NOT wear a bib. He throws a fit and pulls on it until he gets it off. I just get to wash a few more shirts. When he's done he puts the "garbage" in the cup hole on his tray. That way we know he's done.

Fall Soccer Season

Liam had a great soccer team this year. They won most of their games, with the exception of 2 teams. Most of the time Liam's team won by a wide margin.

Liam has gotten a lot better. It's been really fun to watch the games. It's more of an actual game instead of just little kids kicking the ball around.

The games are over for this fall, but he'll be back with this team again in the spring. He had a very nice coach, but another dad from the team will be coaching in the spring. I'm just glad I don't have to do it. I don't understand the rules very well.

Here's a good little assist that lead to a goal. Liam's a good defender. We have a couple of boys that basically make all the goals, but the others sure help them get the ball to the goal.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Liam is in the Class Presidency! (Edit of previous post)

Mr. Olson's class held elections last week. Liam decided to run for class officer and won a place in the presidency! Yeah!! There were 6 students elected. He will serve as secretary during the 2nd semester. It was a bit unclear in the beginning. All of the kids thought there were co-presidents, but they decided to break it into Pres. VP and Sec. He's just glad he got in and so am I. Now he gets to pass out papers, stay after class and help clean up or do whatever the teacher needs. Hey! Why didn't I have class officers for my high school classes??

Our Attempt at Timp Cave

We tried to hike and tour Timp Cave, but after paying to get into the canyon and getting up there we found out that it was sold out (they really need to post that BEFORE you pay for canyon entrance). The kids were not happy.

Since we were there, we decided to hike part way up the trail anyway.

Jim carried Gavin on his shoulders most of the way. Maybe we'll try again before the season ends.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Kid Pictures - August 26, 2008

Jackie took pictures of my kids last week. They turned out really well. The kids were wild and Liam's face usually looked like an "I'm going to kill you" expression instead of a nice smile. He does not want anything to do with getting his picture taken. Gavin was ALL OVER the place. Jackie just has to catch his photo on the run. Speaking of run, Gavin ran into a tree and scraped his forehead during the photo shoot. Jackie has a photoshopped version, but I haven't gotten it yet. In the real pictures that little scrape is all gone!!