Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Day

This year the two boys went Trick or Treating together with me around our neighborhood.

We went through several ideas before Liam decided to be a mad scientist. He didn't want to go with any of my details (white powder on his face and dark circles under his eyes), so this is what we ended up with.

Gavin was a car and wore the costume OK this time.

And the side view.....
We have SO MUCH CANDY. The bad thing about it is that they are "small" candies. You eat one and feel like it's nothing because it's "small". But by the time you eat 3 small candy bars you might as well have eaten a regular sized one. Oh, it's that time of year again isn't it??

Trick or Treating at Jim's office

Talk about a load of candy!!!

After 3 floors of cubicles, the kids had more than enough share with their parents.

Carving Pumpkins

Oh pumpkin carving, it's a tradition you just have to do but one that is always such a mess. I HATE the slime and my hands end up all red, but I love Halloween and I love my kids so we do it every year.

Lately Gavin has decided that he is a cat. He meows all the time and crawls around brushing up against things. So, he got to have a cat pumpkin this year.

Luckily, Liam is finally old enough to do most of his carving all on his own. He did a great job!

Gavin really wanted to be helpful and wanted to get in there and do it, but we all know that a 2 year olds "help" isn't always so helpful. He did do a lot of hole poking though.

Here are the finished pumpkins. Mine is the "New Moon" pumpkin, in honor of the movie soon to be released!! (Not that I'm Team Jacob, I'll always be Team Edward)