Friday, December 18, 2009

First Presidency Christmas Devotional 2009

This year we were able to get tickets to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional! We have never been to see the Prophet speak in person, so it was a great experience.

We took Trax downtown. Liam and Trevan tried to see how long they could stand before falling over.

Liam and I in our seats. Same place we sat the last time we went.

This was Trevan's first trip to the Conference Center. Liam was happy not have another kid along for a change.

Me with all of my sisters.

Another pose with my Liam.

Temple Square 2009

This year we went with half of Jim's family to see the lights at Temple Square.
It's so nice to be close enough to do this every year as a family tradition.

Liam with the Nativity at the pool

Nativity scene outside the visitor center.

This year we went into the museum across the street. They have a lot of fun activities going on there at Christmas time. I recommend stopping in!

Even though it's blurry, it's a good pose of Liam and Santa at the Museum.

Liam "giving a talk" at the museum

Gavin and aunt Kristina working on the puzzle.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Visiting dinosaurs with an old friend

Because of Facebook, one of my best friends from high school and I were able to find each other. It's been fun being reconnected. And it turns out that she has a daughter only a few months younger than Gavin. So, we got together with the little ones to check out some dinosaurs!
Too bad he ended up with sand in his EYES, hair, clothes, and diaper!

Gavin is too SCARY!