Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Deals = Summer Fun

For the last several years we have gotten Seven Peaks seasons passes. It's my way of having something to go and do when we are bored. Yes, it isn't as exciting as it could be because it's available all the time and because we've gone at least once a week for years. BUT this year they added a little surprise!! I guess they just bought Trafalga Lehi (formerly Liberty Land) and if you had a season pass to Seven Peaks, you could go to Trafalga Lehi for free throughout July. We didn't learn about this until almost the end of July, but got to go twice. Finally, something new for them to do that didn't cost me any money!! I love that!!

Gavin's a big cheater at mini-golf!

Small, indoor train that kind of made me dizzy because it almost went in a circle.
The little boys liked it though.

Liam did really well on the rock climbing wall. I didn't attempt that one.

Excellent golfers!
It's funny that the two littles gave the same pose

Gavin LOVED the bumper boats.
I did not love being sprayed by girls that I didn't even know.
I was soaked and my hair didn't like that.

Liam got to ride the airplane so that Gavin would go.
They also have a little roller coaster that we all went on. It was a little faster than I expected, but Gavin survived. Liam went back a second time with a friend and spent a lot of time playing laser tag. Look at all the free activities!! I really love FREE!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scout Camp 2010

Liam got to go to scout camp for the first time this summer. It was fun, but he also had a few mishaps. It feels like one of those summers.
First, he broke his glasses in half and lost the lens. Luckily he was still able to finish this rifle shooting and archery merit badges without being able to see.
Second, he had a bag of clothes thrown away - excellent. That's what I get for sending a trash bag for him to put his dirty clothes in. On the day they were packing up he was taking his things out of the tent and apparently the kid in charge of trash walked by and picked up his "trash". Good thing he didn't change his clothes as often as he should have or we would really be in trouble.
Jim got to go up one night since he's in deacons. Camping is NOT his favorite but he survived.
Gavin spent the week feeling abandoned. He kept telling me that he was "all alone" even though I was right there. He was so happy to see Liam when we went up on Friday evening for family night. We are glad he's home and I'm glad that I didn't have any laundry to do.

Better Safe than Sorry

Seven Peaks Hospital Trip #2!

Last year we ended our Seven Peaks season with a trip to the doctor, a CT scan, and then a night and day in the hospital because of a concussion.
This year we had made the trip a little earlier (mid-July) and in a much fancier vehicle (an ambulance).
Those of you that know Gavin, know that he is too fast for me. He had a little slip and fall in the wave pool. While trying to comfort him, I noticed a HUGE goose egg on the back of his head. I took him to the first aid hut. The crying stopped and it got a little scary. He started to get really quiet and wouldn't sit up. He wasn't responding to pain so they called the EMTs.
They came and got him on a stretcher and headed to the ER by ambulance. He wouldn't say a word, he just looked into space. He had a good grip on his swimming rocket though.
At the hospital everyone was concerned until the CT scan results came back showing no bleeding or fracture. Once everyone was out of the room he started talking. I guess he was just freaked out by all of the attention and people. We got to take him home after about an hour. He had no other problems, other than a sore back of the head. He did get to come home with several "stickers" all over his body (as you can see in the picture). He didn't want us to take them off. They also gave him the cute little horse he's holding in the picture. It's been a new favorite.
2 Lessons Learned
  1. When in doubt, just take them in. It's better to error on the side of caution. You really can't tell how bad it is without that scan.
  2. I better be ready to chase a 3 year old the ENTIRE time we're at Seven Peaks. Both injuries have happened because he's taken off to have fun before I was ready to follow.