Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Temple Square 2008

Last night we went to see the lights at Temple Square. First we got to eat at Rubios which is always one of my favorite things to do. We thought that since Christmas was over that the crowds might not be as bad. Well, we were wrong. It was a nightmare to find a parking spot and we ended up in the Conference Center parking lot. As we entered we saw a sign that it was $10 to park there and there was no way to get out. I thought that was quite a lot to park. Oh well, at least it ended our horrible looking for a spot experience and we were close.
We were glad that Jim's parents and brother were able to join us. And glad that they
found a spot to park easier than we did (obviously parking makes me crazy).

The Temple is always beautiful.

We actually got to go up and see the statue of Christ. It is usually too crowded to
get up there. I think this was the first time that Liam was able to walk up there.
Gavin would not keep his gloves on, but it actually turned out to be fairly warm.
It was a great night to be outside looking at lights.

Liam took our picture in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Gavin and Liam posing by the tree.

I LOVE the red and orange lights by the Assembly Hall.

Liam checking out the Tabernacle.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with Jim's family

We were supposed to get a huge storm on Christmas but it missed us.
So, we were able to get around to visit everyone. It was a wonderful day.
Liam's dad picked him up in the middle of the day so he is missing for this
part of Christmas. I'm sure he had his own wonderful time though.
The family opening presents

Jim's parents Bob and Barbara

Gavin and "B" his favorite blankie

Mom and Gavin enjoying some cake.

Gavin playing with aunt Kristina

Gavin working off some of those holiday calories.

Gavin got a new basketball hoop.

We got it all set up at home.

Christmas at my dad's

Liam got a remote controlled helicopter, binoculars, and a robot bug.

Gavin got some fun Elmo toys and a bear. He also had fun playing with the fake candles.

I'm glad that we were there Grandpa Andy came over.

Gavin and mom

Sue, me, and my dad

Our family Christmas picture.
Too bad I didn't close the last set of blinds to help get rid of that light.

Christmas at Melissa and Ryan's

Here's Jackie demonstrating her coordination for Trevan.

Asher, Gavin, Liam, and Trevan playing with the goods.

Chris and Andrea

Melissa and Ryan

Stephen and Jackie

Chelsea and Matt

Grandma Sue and Liam

Gavin and Grandpa Rick

Grandpa Rick and Liam

After we opened presents at home we headed up to Melissa's where they made delicious breakfast (thanks guys). The problem is that they live on a really steep road up on the mountain. We made it part way up and ended up getting stuck. Luckily some nice people stopped and helped push us onto my dad's street. Matt came down in Andrea and Chris's lovely Jimmy and hauled us up.

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at home

Here are the boys getting ready to open their Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them in them :( We had dinner, read the Christmas story from the scriptures, and then let Liam pick which Christmas movie to watch. He picked Christmas Vacation and then regretted it. He was bored. We should have switched it to Elf. They boys ended up just playing around in the living room.

Lucky for us, the kids didn't get up until about 7:40. Jim and I were up about an hour before they were. Weird kids. Anyway... here is Liam with some of his gifts. We were stupid and forgot to give him one of his main gifts.

Gavin had a good time, although it was hard to get him to stop playing with one gift and open the next. He is really loving his "new bike". He calls for it all the time.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Liam's Christmas Program 2008

Gavin and I were able to go to Liam's annual Christmas program at school this morning. They did a great job as always. My pictures always turn out horribly in their auditorium though.

I tried to get most of the group, but my camera wouldn't go any wider.

Please forgive the shaky hands. I had a little Gavin on my lap that wouldn't hold still.

And I think this one is worse. Gavin had had it and was ready to go. They start with 1st grade and we had to sit through all of them until 5th grade when Liam came out.

First big snow of the season

This week we are FINALLY getting some measurable snow here in Orem. It just doesn't feel like Christmas until we have snow. It's now 2 days after this picture was taken and it's still snowing with another bigger storm schedule to hit tomorrow.
This year Gavin is big enough to go out and play. The problem is that I haven't been able to find snow gloves his size yet so he tried it with the cloth mittens.

But, they kept coming off and we had to go in. I felt so bad. He wanted to be outside, but was crying because his hands hurt. I'll have to go looking for gloves again as soon as it's safe to drive around on the roads.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert 2008

Last night we went to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert for the 3rd year in a row. I have to say it was my least favorite one. I did not like the guess singer at all. He was SO cheesy and I felt like I was either on a cruise ship or watching a variety show. His songs didn't even seem to be related to Christmas. I guess I just prefer the more tradition Christmas concert.

On our way we up Melissa, Andrea, Liam, Jim, and I stopped at our favorite pizza place, The Pie!!

As you can see we got a small pizza. We didn't realize how big the biggest one would be since we called ahead. Oops. We had plenty left over.

Melissa sat with Liam, Jim, and I while Andrea, Jackie, Sue, and my dad sat upstairs in another section. This year you could only get 4 tickets together.

Liam enjoyed parts of it, mostly the same parts I enjoyed - the story telling section by the guy that was the head vampire in Lost Boys (I forget his name).

We had fairly close seats because we got there early.

And look who we found...my aunt Debi, her husband Bruce, and my cousin Corbin. We ended up in the same section.

Here is a shot from our view. It was very nice as always.

We left half way through the last song because we were 5 floors down in the parking garage and wanted to be able to get out. Last year we were stuck in there for almost 2 hours!! But, we stopped for a quick Temple picture before we took off. Thanks to Kristina and Tyler for babysitting!!