Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011

This year I actually got to take the kids on a vacation for Spring Break!  Vacations don't happen around here so they were excited.

We started the trip by going to Las Vegas for one night.  Vegas has a lot of cool things to look at and some...not so awesome things to look at, especially for kids.  I'm sure I said "close your eyes" too many times.  We really got a lot of walking in though and the kids had fun looking at the fun things there.

Then we headed to St George for a few days.  I know a very generous family that allowed us to stay in their vacation home for free.  So nice!  We went to Zions National Park and did the Emerald Pools hike.  We rode the crowded shuttle in, hiked the crowded trails, and sat by the crowded pools/water falls.  April is the PERFECT time to go temperature wise, but a lot of people have the same idea. We rewarded ourselves after the hike with an ice cream at the visitor center.

The next day we hiked in Snow Canyon with my dad.  We saw lizards, cool plants, and lava tubes. It was just as good as Zions and cheaper (well, we got into Zions for free but if you had to pay Snow is cheaper).

We got to eat out and go swimming and just had a really, really fun time.  I'm so glad we got to do it.  I hope we can get down there again soon.  Sometimes I forget that we live so close to really fun and beautiful places.  If I were a tent camper, which I'm not, then we could do a lot more things.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Liam Likes Choir?

Liam is in Mixed Jr. Choir this semester.  He wasn't sure about it at first. Liam's never been a "singer".  In fact, he kind of avoided it.  But this year he really enjoys the class.  I've noticed him actually singing at church and trying to do well.

 Lean On Me

Liam's teacher must be good because she has him excited about the class. She even got him to sign up for men's choir for next year. That one is going to be all year. I'm glad he's doing it. It's nice to have good teachers!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Gavin Turns 4!

My little Gavin turned 4 in February!  We were a little worried because he really liked being 3 and he didn't want to be 4.  But the day came and now he loves being 4!

 We had my family over for dinner on his birthday, which is always a good time.

 The big boys trying to hear TV over all the loud talking.

 Gavin got some excellent gifts and was very excited!

 Robot Arms!

 When asked what he wanted for his birthday he kept saying "A Banana" so Uncle Eric gave him one.

 Now baby horse has a mom.

 Liam, Gavin, and bowling pins

 He chose 4 tractor candles for his cake.

 Gavin was sick when Jim's family got together for February birthdays.  So, grandma and Roxanne came over on his birthday and brought him this awesome ROBOT cake!!

 I'm going to have a helper in the garden this year.

And here's my big 4 year old boy!
And he was still in a cast for his birthday. It came off a couple weeks later.

This video is of Gavin blowing out the candles on his cake.....with his nose! 
Good thing we put the candles on his piece only!
The birthday turned out pretty well given this is what he looked like most of the day.  He was SO sick that weekend.  We thought we'd have to have him sleeping in his room during his party.  But he was miraculously better just in time for the party and then he crashed again when everyone left.  I'm not sure what he had because nobody else caught it, thank goodness.  But he was down for a few days.