Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall soccer season 2007

Liam had his last game of the season last night. He has done SO MUCH better this year. He's even made a few goals!! Unfortunately, Gavin didn't have such a fun time at the game. First, a kid kicked an empty water bottle off the field and it hit Gavin. Then a little later while I was standing up holding him a ball was kicked from the field and hit Gavin in the head. There were gasps from the crowd as Gavin started to scream. No permanent damage though.

He just can't make a serious face when I try to take pictures. But the apple sure looks good.

They won their game again. The season started out a bit rough, but they finished it by winning the last several games.

And then there's the great reward at the end of a delicious treat. (obviously mom is not great with the camera)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Gavin 6 months

My sister, Jackie, took the pictures. It's nice to have a photographer in the family. She's really getting good at it.
Lucky for us, Gavin was in a good mood when it was picture time. He couldn't help but chew on his toys though.

I can't believe how wiggly and LOUD this baby can be at times. Who would have guessed that Jim and I would have a crazy baby -- I guess those of you that know me well are not surprised at all!

Gavin's First Food

I can't believe Gavin is already old enough for food.

Gavin started out pretty well. He's just wondering what this is in his mouth.

As time went on, he got a little more messy. The weird thing is that he doesn't like fruit, at least not yet.

Dinosaur Museum

Liam, Gavin, and I went with Melissa, Ryan, Trevan, and Asher to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point before the summer was over.

Gavin wants to help Liam build a dam for the dinosaurs

Liam spent some time digging for bones, or at least covering his legs in sand.